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Web Services Integration

Now, more than ever, FileMaker can supplement your web data. Whether you need data from your web store for custom reports or want to integrate with an online service, FileMaker can be a great tool to bridge the gap between services. Below are a few examples of web service integration projects:

  • Sending and pulling accounting data to your Quickbooks file
  • Implementing Google Charts for graphing FileMaker data
  • Grabbing public data from Exchanges to build custom reports
  • Adding annotations to images in FileMaker
  • Verifying addresses with the USPS API
  • Managing mailing lists with MailChimp

Login screen for the sloper data web portal

FileMaker Data Through a Web Portal

Web portals can provide a great way for users to access their FileMaker data through the browser. Using FileMaker's Custom Web Publishing interface, we can integrate with FileMaker through common programming languages like PHP & JS.  

Examples of Web Portals we have built are:

  • Class or camp registration for students
  • Expense reporting for medical sales
  • Grant applications
  • CRM for sales reps
  • Proofing system for advertisers


WebDirect Ready?

WebDirect has made transitioning to the Web easier than ever for FileMaker databases. In many cases WebDirect can be the fastest way to get your data accessible through the web as it doesn't require a separate code base.   

Traditionally, most of the workload for FileMaker has been pushed to the client but with WebDirect the workload has moved to the server. To take advantage of WebDirect, FileMaker systems need to be written to rely more on the server than the client. To do this we create separate data, controller, interface files and implement scripts using FileMaker's PSOS script step.   


Amazon Web Services Hosting

Data protection, backups, uptime, resource flexibility are common problems all businesses face.  Moving servers from inside the office to up into the cloud has solved many of these issues. 

When considering a cloud solution, there are a few factors to be aware of including latency to the nearest Amazon Web Services region. Contact us to learn the benefits of AWS hosting and whether it is a good fit for your company.