FileMaker Databases

FileMaker Dev Services

Sloper Data provides FileMaker & Web development as well as AWS hosting solutions for small businesses or workgroups within larger companies. This includes development on mature FileMaker systems that need maintenance as well as new systems. 


Sloper Data specializes in creating custom FileMaker databases for your specific business needs. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for a quick modification, we can help.


FileMaker Certified

• FileMaker certified developer from versions 8-15
• 10+ years experience working on FileMaker based vertical market solutions
• Extensive experience transitioning FileMaker to WebDirect

Every business is unique.  Your database should be unique too.  We strive to collect, organize, and display data in an intuitive way for your business.   Contact us to find out how we can optimize your data.

FileMaker Integration

Now, more than ever FileMaker can supplement your web data by playing nice with web services.  Whether you need hooks into FileMaker from your Web Store for custom reports or want to integrate with online services like QuickBooks or MailChimp, FileMaker can act as the go between.

FileMaker integrated with TradingView & IEX Exchange

FileMaker integrated with TradingView & IEX Exchange

IT Consultant

Data protection, backups, managing user authentication are common problems all business's face.  Moving servers from inside the office to up into the cloud has solved some of these issues and could be a good fit for your business depending on a few factors.


Amazon Web Services

AWS provides low latency, scalable solutions, with almost zero down time.